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Webit is doing an enormous service.

Eric Schmidt
Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures; Former CEO, Google

Video from previous events

Some of our speakers for 2022 include

Stanley Bergman
Stanley Bergman
CEO, Henry Schein
Liz Oakes
Liz Oakes
EVP, Mastercard Send
Don Tapscott
Don Tapscott
Best selling author, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Blockchain Research Institute
Mike Federle
Mike Federle
CEO, Forbes
Matt Brittin
Matt Brittin
President of EMEA Business & Operations, Google
Gen Tsuchikawa
Gen Tsuchikawa
CEO, Sony Ventures Corporation
Ivana Bartoletti
Ivana Bartoletti
Global Chief Privacy Officer, WIPRO Technologies and Founder, Women Leading in AI Network
Tim Draper
Tim Draper
Global VC, Founder of Draper Associates, DFJ, the Draper Venture Network, Draper University
Robert Metzke
Robert Metzke
Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy and Head of Sustainability, Philips
Tony Bates
Tony Bates
Chairman and CEO at Genesys
Sir Martin Sorrell
Sir Martin Sorrell
Founder & Executive Chairman, S4 Capital
Mariam Al-Foudery
Mariam Al-Foudery
Group Chief Marketing Officer, Agility

Founders Games 2019 Awards Ceremony!

Founders Games

The world's impact innovation challenge! Supporting exponential innovation for a better, healthier, desirable, accessible,responsible sustainable and resilient future!

Founders Games by Webit is the world’s largest Growth Stage Challenge with over 4500 company applications. This year we announce the world’s biggest ever, globally award of $6’000’000.

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Webit Impact Forum

28 June - 1 July, 2022

In-person: Sofia Tech Park Online: Metaverse

What to expect?

IMPACT Health Sustainability Diversity Inclusion Business leaders Academia Society Wellbeing Economy Planet Future Opportunity Change Technology Media Entertainment Exhibition

The Webit IMPACT Forum in 2022 will focus entirely on five IMPACT areas:

society economy planet health media

In each of these verticals, on a worldwide scale Webit shall host the business leaders, policy makers, academics and other key figures in order to execute an action-packed agenda full of discussions, engagement opportunities and most of all - resulting in specific outcomes that are 100% in line with Webit’s mission - Improving the state of today and building the desirable future collaboratively.


All webitters will be able to take a deep dive into each of the verticals, exploring its current state, future development positioning, while at the same time discovering established issues and being able to contribute to their resolution in an interactive manner, collaborating with world leaders.

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Founders Games

Founders Games by Webit is among the world’s largest Startup Challenges!

Webit is curating one of the Planet’s most impactful innovation communities.

During the pandemic and ongoing Webit was the connection (without any interruption) between the startups, investors and corporates.

Webit is supporting the local and international startup and innovation ecosystems by providing grants to the best early stage, post seed & round A startups.

The grants include exhibition space, tickets for Webit.Festival, opportunity to pitch in front of global investors, industry leaders and media; opportunity to tap into the $1,000,000 award pool.

In 2022 we shall announce the world’s biggest ever, globally award of $6’000’000!

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Date: 29 June - 1 July 2022

In-person: Private location

What to expect?

Networking Community Thought leadership Workshops Industry gathering

The Webit.Unconference is a private gathering of Webit community leaders and members, who will have the opportunity to network with each other in a quiet environment.

Optimal results from the Unconference will be achieved through collaboration in different areas, such as workshops and other activities that will be available to invitees.

World Health Innovation Forum by Webit

7-8, Sep 2022

In-person: TBA Online: Metaverse

What to expect?

IMPACT Health Sustainability Diversity Inclusion Academia Technology Biotech Exhibition Longevity Community Global Science Wellbeing Future Impact Collaboration Mental Health Tech@Home Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Founders

The World Health Innovation Forum is a format powered by Webit, focused entirely on Health, Innovation and other advancements and improvements in the sector achieved through technology.

Although Webit has been supporting the Health Innovation industry for the past 17 years, the current state demands for a standalone event, without any distractions.

In 2022, Webit Health Innovation Forum will bring together Webit’s Health Innovation core founding members - the industry leaders.


As a 2 day event, Webit Health Innovation Forum shall feature in its agenda some of the “hottest” topics in the sphere in a format allowing for all to understand and to participate in. Industry leaders will provide invaluable insight and publicly discuss the direction the sphere is progressing towards.

Some of the “hot” topics” include:

  • Future of Health Innovation and trends
  • Innovation Partners showcases
  • VR, AR, Metaverse
  • Collaboration, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in Healthcare
  • Telemedicine, Healthcare @ home

… and much more.


C-Level business delegates Government officials Private healthcare providers Academia Journalists


Community leaders in the field of Health Innovation, experts, academics, C-Level representatives. Previous speakers include Eric Schmidt, Natalija Jovanovic, John Nosta and many more thought leaders. View all

The Format

The unique format allows for the founders of this community to further chart the course to a sustainable, diverse and inclusive future, but also recognize and address some of the challenges within the industry.

Creating the first community of Webitters focused entirely on Health and Innovation requires a common goal, and founders, who share the same objective Webit has been empowering for the past 17 years - improving the state of today and creating the desirable future collaboratively.

The Event

Webit Health Innovation Forum is a two-day event focused entirely on Health and Innovation through technology and collaboration.

Webit’s health edition aims to redefine the current understanding of the word “event” by utilizing the most groundbreaking innovations in events technology, including transferring a part of the event itself to the Metaverse (powered by

The mixed reality experience will allow for the creation of a venue with a number of areas - Main Stage where people will be able to focus on the content, without any interruptions, a Community Central able to host all of the networking sessions, including matchmaking, a Collaboration Space, which is a safe space for anyone attending, or hosting a workshop, to collaborate with other like minded individuals and the Partner Central, which will feature the exhibition of the leaders of the industry.

World ESG Forum by Webit

12-13, Oct 2022

In-person: TBA Online: Metaverse

What to expect?

IMPACT Health Sustainability Diversity Inclusion Academia Technology Biotech Exhibition Community Global Science Future Impact Collaboration Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Founders Water Energy Ecology Earth & Us Green Tech Climate Economics Corporate Responsibility

The World ESG Forum, powered by Webit, in its edition in 2022 will feature a gathering of the founding members of Webit’s ESG community. These prominent leaders of the world industry will spend two days redefining the shape of tomorrow.

The gathering of the world’s ESG Industry will also serve to discuss and define solutions to the most pressing issues.

Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) are the three primary categories or areas of concern for what are known as "socially responsible investors & companies.

Why ESG is important

As the millennial generation makes up a larger percentage of the total pool of investors and workforce, ESG concerns are becoming more prevalent.

It is becoming imperative for organizations to embrace higher values in terms of their social and environmental impact.

Webit ESG Award

All Webitters who are challengers of the status quo, who shape the future of the industry and contribute to a better tomorrow will be eligible for the Webit ESG Award, which will be awarded at a special ceremony during the World ESG Forum Gala dinner.


Our Global ESG Forum will aim to provide companies which embrace these values with the recognition they deserve by utilizing our global brand and putting the spotlight on them and their good deeds.

Winter Edition

15 Dec, 2022

In-person: Sofia Online: Metaverse

What to expect?

Policy, Dialogue Collective Intelligence Solutions Problem Solving Business Civil leaders Impact

This is an exclusive format that meets policy makers and business leaders in order to form a constructive dialogue and define specific solutions to pressing issues.

Powers Summit is an innovative platform for operative dialogue - face to face between power, business leaders and civil sector.

Also called “The Bulgarian Davos”, Powers Summit aims to invest the collective intelligence of the country in the creation of sustainable solutions for the future of Bulgaria.

The Winter edition of 2022’s Powers Summit will allow for the continuation of dialogue and thought leadership.

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