Digital Marketing and Innovation Conference

The Digital Marketing and Innovation is a 2-day conference which is the heart of Webit Congress.

This stage is the place where inspirational keynotes and challenging panel discussions for the future trends of the digital industry are held. Among the keynote speakers are top executives of the biggest and most innovative companies worldwide.

Conference Agenda


Book your seat now and experience:

  • action-provoking keynotes, backed by comprehensive case studies and know-how;
  • exciting panel discussions, as the audience and panelist explore together the challenges and possibilities ahead;
  • an unique chance to get an answer for your questions by the world's most recognized experts;
  • unparalleled networking opportunities with over 3000 Digital Marketing and Innovation Stage delegates

  • Visitors

    ATTENDEES of the Digital Marketing and Innovation Conference (visitors profile): 3000+ delegates

    ATTENDEES of the whole Webit Congress (visitors profile): Visitors Statistics | Shortlisted Delegates







I am amazed at what I'm seeing here. This is clearly a global major event.

Blake Chandlee Vice President, Facebook

Blake Chandlee

It is simply a great event!!! Amazing!

Nikki Mendonca President EMEA of OMD

Nikki Mendonca

I anticipated this to be big but not that big. Clearly our intend is to make sure that we have a permanent presence at Webit Congress.

Guillaume Bacuvier Director of Google's mobile sales and operations for SEEMEA, Google

Guillaume Bacuvier

I'm incredibly impressed by the sheer amount of people, the enthusiasm, the good vibes and the energy around here. Webit is a way bigger thing than I thought it was.

Marc Bresseel Vice President Global Marketing, Microsoft Advertising

Marc Bresseel

Webit Congress is a significant event! It's amazing to see all those participants from 72 countries together. We cannot miss such an event!

Sergiy Petrenko CEO, Yandex Ukraine

Sergiy Petrenko

Webit Congress was superb!!! Thank you so much for having IBM onboard.

Sandy Carter Vice President, Social Business Evangelism and Sales at IBM

Sandy Carter

A truly global event. I love the excitement and interest and enthusiasm, this is a great event.

Aseem Chandra Vice President of Marketing for Digital Marketing Business Adobe Systems, Inc.

Aseem Chandra

I've never seen such a global event. I love the excitement and interest and enthusiasm, this is a great event.

Marvin Liao Ex-Commercial Director, EMEA Expansion Markets, Yahoo!

Marvin Liao

Webit Congress was impressive! I was more than happy to participate.

Guillaume du Gardier Head of Digital Media for Western & South Europe, Ferrero

Guillaume du Gardier

I'm glad Webit Congress looks beyond business and towards the change-oriented work we do as an organization.

Owen Pringle Director of Digital Communications, Amnisty International

Owen Pringle


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