Çağatay Mustafa Çulcuoğlu

Çağatay Mustafa Çulcuoğlu

Webit Speaker, Deputy General Manager at Anadolu Agency

Anadolu Agency Deputy Director General, Çağatay M. Çulcuoğlu, served as senior manager in international financial markets and media industries. He is responsible for sales, marketing, technology, international relations and communications at Anadolu Agency.

While serving on the Board of Directors at Sabrient in California, Mr. Çulcuoğlu was in charge of international indices, country and company ratings, and global exchange trading funds worth more than 2 billion dollars in the forming, marketing and developing of economic analyses and investor products.

Mr. Çulcuoğlu worked in different departments of Thomson Reuters in New York for 8 years, including the individual investor department, media applications, news, innovation, digital strategy, portfolio management and investment banking.

With his 15-year-global business experience, Mr. Çulcuoğlu served as portfolio manager, counselor and regional director in companies such as Merrill Lynch, KPMG and Dow Jones. Çağatay Çulcuoğlu also setup Smeal Trading Room for real-time trading and the first and biggest student investment fund in the world, as part of the founder's group.